What I’ve Seen

comp. and lyrics by Steve Haines

(Mahone Bay Music Company)


You were here one day

And now you’re gone, you’re gone

At first I thought you were late

Where did I go wrong?


Did we grow apart

When you went overseas?

Your silent disposition

Sounded more like a scream


On the fridge, your valentine,

Your socks are on the line

The pillow smells like you,

A twisting pain, in the gut of a fool



You said when we first met

I resisted Southern handsome

But my heart burst from my chest


And I’d succumbed,

You’d gently overcome,

Your bashful smile at the Nautical Mile

Then three years later…


Goodnight Moon,

A thousand times, and more

And after supper play time,

Sunsets at the shore!


How my chest heaves,

Our past was lovely, as I recall

I can’t believe

You’d want to throw it all away



My dear, I’d prayed

To solve the violent scenes of memories,

What was here, compared to there

Was too much for me


I love our pumpkin,

And I love you more than you must know,

But the pain was more than I could take

Quick suicide, I let it go


That “God won’t give you

More than you can handle”

Said no one

Who’s been to war



comp. and lyrics by Steve Haines

(Mahone Bay Music Company)

We’ll start the story after winter

With my darlin’ in the morning sun

Forever nights and late orange juice mornings

Those days were short and filled with love


Next is Sunburst hair

Books and milk and prayer

And horsey rides on kitchen brooms

Sad or joy cry, all in the blink of an eye

Songs from songs he sings when he’s with you



You, you are the water at my lips,

You are the air I breathe, my warmth, my peace

And you, you are the center of the stars,

When I think I can’t love you more,

I love you more


Another trip to Winston Salem

It seemed a playmate just the thing

Higher than the sky

On a swing set built for three

And swaying clinging wee ones in our midst



Not long ago before we’d met

I’d say that things were rough for me

A languished vine and too much time

To treat the ghosts more like wine


Come to terms with my life

Released the old strife, reclaim

And out of the blue, fresh water anew

You came